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Friday, October 29, 2015

McManus and Johnson _ winners of graduate student research exchange 2015

Benjamin McManus and Haley Johnson proudly displaying their first place award certificates.

The TRIP Lab swept 1st place in the 2015 Graduate Student Research Exchange poster competition on October 29, 2015. This competition is open to all degree-seeking UAB graduate students, and  encourages those in different disciplines to interact and learn from each other while gaining valuable practice in presenting research.

In “Social and Behavioral Sciences” group 1, Haley Johnson Bishop won 1st place prize for her poster entitled, “Examining the driving performance of individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders”.

In “Social and Behavioral Sciences” group 2, Benjamin McManus won 1st place prize for his poster entitled, “The useful field of view assessment predicts simulated commercial motor vehicle driving performance”.

Congratulations to Haley, Benjamin, Dr. Stavrinos and everyone at the TRIP Lab! News such as this is not uncommon, and it’s certainly no coincidence. Dr. Stavrinos’ Lab attracts the best and the brightest. Then, the skills of these students are honed  through the mentoring system Dr. Stavrinos has in place in the TRIP Lab. Not only is Dr. Stavrinos a talented researcher and mentor, she employs a hierarchical peer teaching system, in which more advanced students play an active role in teaching newer students. This method allows the less experienced students to benefit through learning from multiple teachers and teaching styles. It’s obviously working, because Dr. Stavrinos and her students are no strangers to top awards in the research field.

Way to go TRIPSTERS! 

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