Karan Patel

    A Birmingham-area native, Mr. Karan Patel is a sophomore at UAB majoring in Neuroscience. He was drawn to the TRIP Lab because he wanted to be part of the life-changing research conducted at UAB, and the TRIP Lab stood out as a conductor of such research. Under Dr. Stavrinos’ mentorship, Mr. Patel is eager to be a part of the research process and develop a project of his own. When not being a student, Mr. Patel is a very busy man. Competitive by nature, he enjoys sports of all sorts, is a Resident Assistant in Blazer Hall, is a UAB Ambassador, is a member of the Bham’s Blazin’ Bhangra (a traditional Punjabi dance team), and is in the UAB Cricket Club. Mr. Patel’s future plans include attending medical school and eventually becoming a surgeon.

    “The most exciting part about joining the TRIP Lab was that I would be able to get my hands dirty in the lab from the moment I joined.” — Mr. Karan Patel


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