Cierra Hopkins

    An Alabama native, Ms. Cierra Hopkins is a junior at UAB majoring in Psychology and minoring in Forensic Psychology. Ms. Hopkins had no research experience prior to joining the TRIP Lab. Under Dr. Stavrinos’ mentorship, being able to cultivate her research interests has been a transformative experience enabling Ms. Hopkins to develop a more well-rounded perspective of the field of Psychology. Her career aspirations lie with forensics. One day, Ms. Hopkins hopes to work with people in prison or those in mental health facilities. Learning about the complexities of research involving these populations through her TRIP Lab experience is better preparing her for future endeavors. Ms. Hopkins is enthusiastic about her new position with the TRIP Lab and eager for the research opportunities Dr. Stavrinos and the TRIP Lab will provide.

    “Being able to develop my interest in research has been a transformative experience, as I previously did not have research experience in a lab. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work here.” — Ms. Cierra Hopkins


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