Mr. Ben McManus, Ms. Caitlin Pope, Dr. Despina Stavrinos, Ms. Shannon Wittig, and Ms. Haley Pope

The driving simulator provides non-TRIP Lab affiliated investigators with cutting edge research opportunities. The driving simulator is available “for hire” to independent researchers.

The faculty and staff of the UAB TRIP Lab are available to assist researchers with their driving simulator needs. Their experience with driving simulator-related research design and implementation, as well as data collection, analysis, and presentation is unparalleled, and they are happy to share their knowledge, experience, and resources to assist you in your research needs.


The TRIP Lab’s new simulator “makes UAB a world leader in research to curb distracted driving” and gives “the university’s investigators a unique platform to study new ways to curb a growing epidemic on the nation’s roadways.” ~ UAB President Ray Watts

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The driving simulator

The driving simulator’s progressive software is fully customizable, and its powerful dynamics support accurate modeling of vehicle response to the conditions set. High quality graphics and sensitive haptic feedback allow the driver to become fully immersed in the virtual environment. A wide variety of driver behaviors/outcome measures can be recorded to fit a wide range of research aims and goals.

Why not take a tour of the TRIP Lab’s driving simulator facilities? The TRIP Lab offers a limited number of guided, private tours. Tours are available for researchers, students, and other interested groups.

Contact Dr. Stavrinos ( ) for details of how to use the TRIP Lab’s driving simulator or to arrange a private tour.

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