• Andrea T. Underhill, PhD
    Andrea T. Underhill, PhD Contributing Editor

    Andrea T. Underhill, PhD currently serves as a contributing editor for the TRIP Lab’s scientific manuscripts, website, and social media accounts. Dr. Underhill earned her PhD in Epidemiology  (Dissertation Gender Differences in Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes:  Survival, Life Satisfaction, and Family Satisfaction), and her MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has a MS in Psychology from Auburn University at Montgomery, a BS in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University, and taught high school science in Georgia.

    While at UAB, Dr. Underhill was the Associate Director for Administration and Finance for the UAB University Transportation Center and the Project Coordinator for the UAB Injury Control Research Center’s longest running research project, A Longitudinal Study of Rehabilitation Outcomes. Her diverse background and experience, along with a gnawing curiosity, have resulted in an interdisciplinary array of research interests, the center of which is injury prevention.

    Having physically left Birmingham in 2010, Dr. Underhill now telecommutes, allowing her the freedom to work at midnight, at her daughter’s gymnastics practice, on vacation, and occassionally during normal business hours. When not working with Dr. Stavrinos, Dr. Underhill volunteers a great deal of time working in her daughter’s elementary school.

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